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Ontario Audiologist launches a Constitutional Challenge for the Right to use the title ‘doctor’

Attourney General involved in arguing at the Discipline Hearing, began in 2013.
The licensing body and the Attourney General of Ontario argued against her in the “Discipline Hearing”  to the Committee who determined her finding of “Guilt”. Read more here

Appeal in Court:   Osgoode Hall, Toronto, ON, Canada on June 8th, 2016

Dr. Berge is being defended by an expert Constitutional Lawyer who has argued at the Supreme Court of Canada in Ottawa over 100 times in his career:   ​Morris Manning, Q.C. Read more here​​

Read this article from The National Post

“Finding of Guilt”  of Professional Misconduct and Conduct Unbecoming a Professional here :  Read more here

See that College Committee Report stating their: REASONS & DECISIONS  for the Sanctions & Costs levied: Here

The legal document for the Constitutional Challenge:    CONSTITUTIONAL QUESTION   

READ the FACTUM for the Court Appeal:  Read more here

Here is one more that few more might be of interest: Read this

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